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Use Tones And Ringtones With Your Iphone, Ipad, Or Ipod Touch


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Once iMazing has finished transferring the file or files, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and tap the Sounds and Haptics button. You can set the default ringtone there. You can now assign a tone from any ringtone you have available on your iPhone, including any ringtones you may have created or purchased. Tap Done and in future whenever that person calls you the custom ringtone will sound to let you know who is calling. You can also create ringtones from music that you own using third-party iOS apps.

  • After adding ringtones you like on your iPhone, you may want to turn your favorite song or music track into a custom ringtone.
  • It comes with a collection of ringtones and text tones you can use.
  • Here’s how to set your iPhone’s ringtone.

You also need to know that tone files for iOS have to be in the M4R format. In actuality, such files are in Apple’s AAC format, which generally have the file extension of M4A. You change the A to an R (for ringtone!) and then it will work with iTunes on Mac or Windows for that singular purpose (leave it as M4A and it’s just another song to iTunes). The end goal is to sync your iPhone with iTunes, then all the M4R files become available to assign to contacts. You can have a different phone call or text alert for every person you know—you’ll know who’s getting in touch without ever taking the phone out of your pocket.

How To Set The New Ringtone On Your Iphone

Better still, you don’t have to be a GarageBand expert to create custom ringtones. If you don’t use a PC with your iPhone, your only way to make a ringtone is, of course, on the iPhone itself. Apple’s GarageBandapp can do it—via the most convoluted process you can imagine (I’m sure it’s not complicated all to sound engineers). You’ll need to have a song physically downloaded to your Music app to be able to do this; naturally, it won’t work with streaming songs from Apple Music.

ringtones iphone

In the following steps I used to download and create free custom ringtones for my iPhone. In this article, we will show you three different ways to make custom iPhone ringtones.

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There are numerous apps but I’m unable to offer a definitive opinion about which ones work best, though Ringtone Designer from Blackout Labs seems promising. You can explore a useful list of ringtone creation apps here. On the iPhone, you can select from a list of ringtones, but you cannot delete any of the ringtones that came on the phone as part of the iOS. You can delete ringtones that you added to the phone through iTunes by deleting them from iTunes and then syncing the phone to your computer. After you remove the ringtone from iTunes, all you need is the iPhone USB cable to remove it from the iPhone itself. It’s not a carrier setting it’s a phone setting.

ringtones iphone

You also have the option to get ringtones at third-party sites, but this is a hit-or-miss proposition. Looking around the Web for places to download or even buy the sound files, I found most of them to be shady, ad-ware-driven, and best avoided. I wouldn’t trust most of them with my credit card.

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You will have to purchase a song to use it as a ringtone. If it is not on the App Store, then use iTunes on a computer or Mac to download a song onto your phone. If it is on your phone’s iTunes, then you can set it as your ringtone. Wait for your ringtone to finish downloading.

ringtones iphone

There are a few ways to turn music into iPhone-capable ringtones. Note that any sound file you use has to be 40 seconds or shorter to use as a ringtone .

Max I’ve seen is 30 seconds but there may be a way to get around that. I think that the file format .m4r has to be cut down to 30 seconds to work with the iphone. Even software almacen when I made custom ones they had to be edited down to 30 seconds. No matter which site you go for, the procedures to create custom ringtones are almost identical.