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The 10 Best Free Ringtone Download Websites


ringtones free

If you’re on an Android device, you can use the MyTinyPhone mobile app to download the free ringtones. When you’re ready to download a ringtone from Melofania, you can select one of two file types that will work with iPhone, Android, and other phones. In addition to making your own ringtone, you can search or browse through ones created by others like by the artist name or by a section just for featured ringtones. If you’re not sure where to start, see the top ringtones downloaded at Melofania.

ringtones free

In the recent release, Apple got rid of the ringtones tab in iTunes. But even if you manage to add a ringtone to your iPhone, it’s impossible to remove it with iTunes. Luckily for you, CopyTrans Manager can delete a ringtone. Ringer doesn’t offer ringtones for you to browse through and download. Instead, it’s merely a ringtone maker that allows audio files to be uploaded to the site and edited.

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You can find your favorite ringtones using the search function on the top, and then preview the ringtone on its page. You’ll find a few different variations of the ringtones to choose from. Once you’ve selected a ringtone you like, click the Android or iPhone button and the ringtone for the specific format you need.

ringtones free

And once again, Android users can download directly to their phone, but iOS users will need to use their computer and iTunes as an intermediary. That all depends on where you get them, and which ones you download. There are plenty of shady websites on the Internet that try to lure you in with free ringtones. A good test is to see if the website is full of ads or asks you for money. Another common tactic is that websites will show you some ringtones, but when you click the link, the site tries to download something else. Always pay attention to the file extension to see if you’re downloading the file that you requested. An executable file extension is a huge red flag.

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Most of the favorite ringtones at mobile9 include sound effects, movie clips, and original music. After you’ve listened to the ringtone you like, you can download it or have it sent to your device . Android users can install the ZEDGE app to download ringtones. You can use a free audio converter program like FileZigZag to save the ringtone in a format usable on your phone.

  • If you own an Android device, things are simple.
  • We’ve got a full guide on adding custom ringtones to your iPhone that covers how to do that conversion in iTunes and then transfer the ringtones to your phone.
  • You can use MP3 ringtones, but you’ll have to download them to a PC and convert them before you can use them on your iPhone.
  • You can even use that same technique to make ringtones out of your own music or sounds.

Whatever the case, use CopyTrans to back up the ringtones as described in this tutorial. The easiest way to get free iPhone ringtones is to use one of the many websites to download existing ringtones. Most of them also offer the possibility to upload your favorite song to convert it into a ringtone. Once you downloaded the ringtone to your PC, you can add it to your iPhone via our free iTunes Alternative, CopyTrans Manager.

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You can upload MP3, WAV, WMA, and some other types of audio files. Like most ringtone download sites, you get to preview the sounds before saving them. When it’s time to get the ringtone, you can choose a version that works for Android and other phones, and one that can be used on iPhones.

ringtones free

Most of the sites we’ve included in this article let you download MP3 files. But, the iPhone requires ringtones to be in their own AAC format, and they have an .m4r file extension. You may wish to have a safe backup of your custom iPhone ringtones before updating the iOS version or before moving to another phone.

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