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How To Make Iphone Ringtones


ringtones iphone

It doesn’t take long to get tired of the handful of ringtones that come with your iPhone. If you’d rather hear a song when you have an incoming call, Apple would like you to pay a dollar or more per ringtone in the Tones store.

ringtones iphone

You may need to confirm this by clicking «Delete Song» and «Move to Recycle Bin.» After you create the AAC file, you’ll have two versions of the song in iTunes. Make sure the song is still selected, and then click the «File» menu. Admittedly, the process is a bit convoluted — Apple didn’t make it super easy to use your own tones — and you will need to use iTunes on your computer. But it’s free and lets you convert any part of any song you own into a ringtone.

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Open iTunes and select the song that you wish to convert into a ringtone. Right-click on it and select “Song Info”. The third way to easily create ringtones and software mantenimiento to add them to your iPhone is using iTunes itself. Don’t forget that ringtones have a maximum duration of 30 seconds. You can crop a song by holding its edges.

ringtones iphone

Click your iPhone in the left panel under Devices and select the «Tones» tab at the top of the main window. Place a check mark next to Sync Tones and click the radio button next to Selected Tones. Place a check mark next to each ringtone you want to leave on your iPhone. This method of removal does not delete the unselected ringtones from the iTunes library; they just aren’t synced to the iPhone. Plug in your iPhone into your computer and drag the newly created ringtone from the Windows Explorer window into the “Tones” section in iTunes. After that, it should be displayed under the ringtones section in your iPhone. Select the newly created AAC Version of your song, right click and select “Show in Windows Explorer”.

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After all that work, it’s time to set the ringtone so you’ll hear it when your phone rings. Now that you’ve created the ringtone, it’s time to copy it to your phone. Now you can go back to the song on the desktop and change the file extension. Change the file extension to «.m4r,» which is what the iPhone uses for ringtones. Since you no longer need the short version of the song in iTunes and it’ll just be in the way if you listen to music using the iTunes app, delete the short version from iTunes. Click it in iTunes and press Delete.