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But, those song sparrows who do live through the winter, continue to delight us year after year with their beautiful songs. Capture the song sparrow’s tune as a ringtone for your cellphone. This vocal songbird is notable for the male’s bright red epaulettes and distinctive song. Found liberally throughout the US in marshy and agricultural areas, the flashy males are polygamous and may have many females with nests throughout their territory. But, not all the chicks from these females are his – many are by males from adjacent territories! Get the red-winged blackbird ringtone for your cellphone.

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There are two species of meadowlarks – eastern and western – and they are very difficult to tell apart. Both have beautiful songs, but very different.

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When these doves fly, their wings make a whistling noise. This cooing morning dove ringtone is a familiar sound. Originally a native of the American Southwest, wild caught House Finches were caged and illegally sold as «Hollywood Finches» to the early 20th Century pet trade. When a few were set loose in the East in the early 1940’s, they did extremely well.

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And now the lovely song of this little «exotic species» is one of the harbingers of Springtime throughout the US. What this plain brown bird with a spotted breast lacks in flashy looks, he makes up for with a haunting and ethereal song. Found across North America in a wide variety of habitats, Hermit Thrushes breed in Canada and the western US, and overwinter in the US and Mexico. Depending on where they live, these birds might build their tidy round nests lined with catkins or other soft materials on the ground or in shrubs. And aren’t we lucky to have insectivores like these thrushes who feast on insects like beetles, spiders, wasps and flies! Always a welcome visitor, Hermit Thrushes might visit your backyard, but it won’t be at your feeder.

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The soulful cooing of the mourning dove is a familiar sound through the US, Canada and into Mexico. Their nests are generally poorly constructed, and it often a wonder their eggs hatch at all! The male stands on the female’s back and gives her nest materials which some say accounts for the untidy look of the nest.

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But 25 years ago things were different. Tufted Titmice, Northern Cardinals and several other bird species have expanded northward as our winters have become milder. That’s the sound of a Tufted Titmouse. Found in backyards across the US and Canada, this songbird has a delightful and unique song. This mostly monogamous sparrow has a mating ritual where the male pounces near the female to get her attention. While they can live to over 11 years, most wild sparrows do not see even their first birthday.

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This is a very busy pond with all these different frogs talking at the same time. They’re all battling to be heard over each other, and this ringtone is a great way to get attention when your phone rings, too. With their bright yellow breasts and beautiful “V” necklace, it’s hard to believe meadowlarks are members of the blackbird family.

Northern Harriers are like a cross between a hawk and an owl; they normally hunt during the day, but have the round facial disc of an owl. This not only gives them the appearance of an owl, but also enables them to hunt by sound! This has given them their unique hunting style. Northern Harriers are often seen gliding low over a grassy field.

  • Tap «Edit» and then tap «Ringtone.» Any choice you make here will be specific to this person and won’t affect your default ringtone.
  • After you’ve stored ringtones on your phone, you should use the Settings app to select the one you want to hear.
  • To do that, open the Contacts app and choose a contact.

All of the sudden you’ll see one drop down when it hears a prey item, such as a mouse, rustling in the grass. Harriers are also seen “stooping”, or diving straight down at prey like a falcon or buteo, or chasing down prey like an accipiter. Keep an eye out for a low-flying hawk with a flat, round face. They also have a white rump patch and a deep “V” shape to their wings when gliding. Adult males are pale gray, earning them the additional nickname of “gray ghost”.

The Western Meadowlark has a beautiful complex fluty song; and his Eastern counterpart….a lovely song but a little simpler. Their territories only occasionally are shared and they rarely hybridize. Both nest in Canada and in the northern US – on their respective sides of the continent!