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ringtones for free

To get these free tones, use the iPhonelink, but know that it’ll download as an MP3. Free ringtones you download from Mobile9 will for sure work for your device because the very first step is to tell the site what kind of phone you have. This neat feature ensures that every ringtone you find will download software almacen in a compatible format. You can also find all their most popular ringtones to see what others are downloading, and view the newest tones each time you visit. Tones7 is a helpful ringtone download site because there are over two dozen genres of ringtones to look through and the website ads are unobtrusive.

  • All the iPhone/iPhone 3G/iPhone 4G/iPhone 4GS/iPhone5/ the latest iPhone6 or iPhone6S have the same standard ringtones.
  • The ringtones are voiced and produced by national comedians, RJ’s and DJ’s and seasoned producers.
  • In the beginning, everyone enjoys it, but the limited built-in ringtones give very little chance to the users to change their ringtones.
  • The ringtones have been tested on iPhone6 and iOS9, so you can easily download the app without any concerns for bug reports.
  • With different iPhone ringtone apps, you can give a special touch to your phone by customizing your ringtone or add your favorite tones.

Zedge also offers its service via an app, so you can find ringtones right from your smartphone. Whether it’s a favorite song, a famous movie quote or a sound effect from a childhood video game, you can probably use it as a ringtone. People often use custom ringtones instead of the presets that come with their phones. And there’s a ton of ringtones out there and nearly as many ways to find them. If you are looking for ringtones for Android phones or Apple devices, below are some tips on how to get your own.

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All the ringtones at Melofania are available for Android and iPhone. Just use the right download button to get the version that works with your phone. It should be simple to find great ringtones for Android and iPhone here because of the variety of categories. However, while there is a separate download button for iPhone ringtones and Android ringtones, it seems that only one of them works.

ringtones for free

Some of the more unique genres include holiday, cinematic, children, Christian, sayings, pets & animals, jazz, message tones, and folk. Phonezoo’s free ringtones provide you with thousands of options.

Websites That Offer Free And Legal Ringtones

The site is a little strange to use but you don’t need to create a user account or do much of anything but preview or download the ringtones. Free ringtones for Android, iPhone, and other devices are easy to come by and sometimes beat making your own. There are lots of ringtone websites on the web, but they’re not all created equal.